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Boxtops for Education

Please continue to clip box tops. You can put them on the collection sheets sent home each month or put them in a zip top baggie. Please remember to label them with your child's teacher's name. Money earned by collecting box tops helps the library have a guest author or storyteller each year.

Please use the collection sheets sent home each month with your child. When a sheet is filled, have your child bring it to school labeled with their name, the teacher's name, and grade level. Your child should then receive another sheet. You may also submit box tops in Ziploc baggies or envelopes.

Box tops should be neatly cut. This helps us with the counting and processing of the box tops. Each box top is worth 10 cents and has an expiration date. Please make sure that all submissions are labeled with the child's name, teacher's name and grade level.

We will use the funds this year for author visits to our school.



Thank you for your support for our students and libraries.

With our Box top money from the last two years we were able to purchase some e books from Capstone Publishing. They had a matching grant so with our $3,000 we will be getting $6,000 worth of e books.