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Genre of the Month

Genre of the Month


Welcome and thank you for Visiting! Genre of the Month is a program developed in order to promote reading for all students at Williams/Ledger Elementary.  Each month will focus on a different genre.



What is a genre?

Definition from

Genre (noun)
  1. a kind of literary or artistic work
  2. a style of expressing yourself in writing [synonym: writing style, literary  genre]
  3. a class of artistic endeavor having a characteristic form or  technique.”     

Additional Explanation:

The two major categories, or genres, are fiction (about things, events, and characters that are not true) and nonfiction (about things, events, and people that are based on fact). From these two major categories, we can classify even further. For example, fiction can be divided into poetry, drama (plays), or prose. Those categories tell us something about the form of the work.

Further, we also classify fiction according to layout and style. There are  picture books, which contain words and pictures, novellas or short novels, and short stories, which are much shorter than novellas. 

Finally, fiction can be classified by content and theme. Here is where we find our common genres: adventure stories, science fiction/fantasy, mystery, horror, romance, realistic fiction, and historical fiction. 

One thing to keep in mind while reading different texts: genre categories aren’t always clear-cut. You can have a crime/mystery story set in the future (science fiction) or in the past (historical fiction). 



  • Realistic Fiction - September
  • Mystery - October
  • Historical Fiction - November
  • Informational Text - December
  • Biography/Autobiography - January
  • Traditional Literature - February
  • Poetry - March
  • Fantasy - April
  • Science Fiction - May


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