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Counselor-Patricia Klepinger

Patricia Klepinger

Professional School Counselor

Williams/ Ledger Elementary

Patricia Klepinger

Hello, Scholars!

  It is exciting that I have been given this opportunity to work at Williams/ Ledger. I have many plans for our OWL’s this school year. First, I will be providing weekly SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) guidance to our Kinder, First, and Second Graders.  Secondly, lunch groups will be created for our Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders. I am hoping to make an impact by positively changing the way individuals think about themselves and their future. 

Mrs. Boen and I will be working together with our OWL’s to establish the Morning Mentor and the Elementary Student 2 Student Programs.  Involvement helps create self-worth, and allows your child to help others while feeling the great satisfaction of making a difference. 

I am here for all our OWL’s, teachers, parents, guardians, and community members.