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Dominos' Pizza Dough Show

Dominos' Pizza Dough Show

Date: May 17th  Time: 12:30/1:00 PM



Students in K-2 who have completed 6 20 for 20 reading challenges are:

  • Zaymee Holstein from Ms. Dewitt's class
  • Dylan Mendoza from Ms. Smith's class
  • Silas Wilson from Ms. Craig's class
  • Aiden Clark from Ms. Craig's class 
  • Danica Diaz from Ms. DeWitt's class
  • Jayden Duff from Ms. DeWitt's class 


These are the students who have completed all Ten Genre Challenges:

  •  Lainey Estores from Mr. Baney's class
  • Alorah Satterfield from Ms. Dunaway's class
  • Trent Sanders from Ms. Dunaway's class
  • Nya Livingston from Ms. Dunaway's class
  • Cheyenne Fuentes from Ms. Dunaways's class 
  • Adrian Dickson-Ramirez from Ms. Dunaways's class
  • Aamori Grant from Ms. Valdez's class
  • Xavier burkholder from Ms. Valdez's class 
  • Jackson Moore from Ms. Raysor's class
  • Layla Pena from Ms. Raysor's class
  • Matthew Brown from Mr. Arrisola's class 

Contact Information

J.L. Williams/Lovett Ledger Elementary
905 Courtney Lane
Copperas Cove, Texas 76522
Phone: 254-542-1001