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Counselor-Patricia Klepinger

Patricia Klepinger


Professional School Counselor
Williams/ Ledger Elementary


Patricia Klepinger


Phone Number: 254-542-3070



Patricia Klepinger, Professional School Counselor (K-2)

Assigned grades: Kinder, First and Second Scholars

This will be my fifth year working with WLE scholars.

I will provide bi-weekly SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) lessons to them.

In September, lunch groups will kick-off for scholars that need additional guidance (parent or teacher recommended). 

Our lunch group sessions will address topics, such as, self-esteem, responsibility, divorce, separations, military-life (deployments) or being new to WLE.

I am hoping to make an impact by positively changing the way individuals think about themselves and their future.

I am here for all our scholars, staff, and their families! 

*Please note: It is best to reach me by email (

I will respond within 24 to 48 hours, either by phone or by email.