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Medication Policy

For your child’s safety, the school nurse and/or health aide will adhere to the following medication policy. All medication including over-the-counter medication must have original or prescription label on it and a doctors order.  It is required parents sign a permission form to administer medication by school personnel. This form is required before any prescription OR non-prescription medication is administered. This includes all medications including over-the-counter products such as Tylenol, Advil, etc.

Although this may cause some inconvenience, we feel that this policy is best for the continued protection of your child, and must be followed.  If we do not have your written permission, the medication will not be given. Permission forms can be obtained by contacting your school nurse or health aide or district website. Please note, students are not permitted to carry medication on their person or in their backpack---this includes cough drops.

In order for your child to receive any medication at school, please read the following:

  • A signed Medication Permission Slip is required in order to dispense medication including over the counter medication.  This request must include the name of the medication, dosage, time it is given during school hours, and special instructions. Forms are available at the school clinic.
  • The medication must be in its original container and have a current prescription label which indicates the student's name, name of medication, name of physician, dosage, method of administration, time of administration and time interval of dosages.  A physician’s signature is required for any dosage change or medication change on the prescription medication.
  • The medication and signed permission form must be brought to the school by the parent or guardian.
  • All medications will be counted by the school nurse or the health aide upon arrival at school and documented as to the number of pills received. Medications must be delivered by the parents/guardians.
  • When the empty prescription bottle is returned to you, please bring the refill to school promptly.
  • No medication will be sent home with a student. Parents/Guardians must pick up all medications whether prescription or over-the-counter.
  • If your child is taken off medication or will no longer receive it at school, please put your request in a dated, written note as soon as possible. If the medication is not picked up by parents from the school nurse or health aide  within 10 days, it will be properly disposed of.
  • No over-the-counter medication is provided by the school.
  • New Request forms must be re-submitted each year, and are necessary for any changes in medication orders.


Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.



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