Paw Pride

The leader of our Paw Pride team is Rosalind Tanner.  Please see her contact information below.
Name: Rosalind Tanner
Email Rosalind Tanner
Phone number: 254-542-3070

Paw Pride is our campus wide behavior support system.  

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a nationally acclaimed behavior support system used in schools to support a positive approach to student behavior.  The Paw Pride program was designed in the fall of 2012 based upon research presented by Region 12 ESC.  

Students are acknowledged for exhibiting the behaviors that we expect by receiving a “Cub Cash”.  Every Friday students will have the opportunity to spend their “Cub Cash” in our little store, “The Cub Den”, or use it to purchase privileges that have been set up. Example of privileges might be a pickle & 15 minutes of extra recess, no shoes on in the classroom, or 15 minutes in the gym to shoot basketballs, etc. The privileges and items in “The Cub Den” will have different denominations on them. Therefore, the students can choose to spend their “Cub Cash” every Friday or save it for something bigger.